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Do You Know the Facts on Debbie Stabenow?


Debbie Stabenow Cut Medicare by $716 Billion

Nationally, nearly 50 million seniors and disabled people count on Medicare. But as the cost of health care rises, Debbie Stabenow voted to cut $716 billion from Medicare. She also cut Medicare Advantage -- a program that 400,000 Michigan seniors count on.

In Stabenow's own words, "They say to us, well, you have cut…spending in healthcare reform for Medicare. Yes we did."

Pete Hoekstra knows that Medicare is a program Americans count on --- and it's one that should not be cut.

Hoekstra has a plan to save Medicare, to bring down the cost of health care, and to make sure that Americans can continue to count on this program that so many depend on.

Millions of Americans are Unemployed Under Debbie Stabenow's Watch

Americans are suffering under the Obama-Stabenow economy. 12.1 million Americans unemployed. 4.8 million have been unemployed for 27 weeks or more.

What has Stabenow done about it?

She voted for Obama's stimulus -- which was supposed to get the economy rolling again. It didn't. And she supported Obama's green jobs initiative, which gave tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to political cronies --- without producing the jobs that were promised.

Our debt is through the roof. All the while, the Senate has refused to pass a budget, and America is facing a fiscal cliff of debt and tax hikes that will cripple our country on January 1, 2013.

Pete Hoekstra knows that America's economy grows when Washington steps back and lets the engines of the free market shift into high gear. That means cutting taxes, spending within our means, eliminating needless regulations, and not balancing the budget on the backs of job creators.

Debbie Stabenow Refuses to Debate Pete Hoekstra

Want to know where Debbie Stabenow stands? Good luck.

She refuses to debate her opponent. She refuses to come out from behind her TV ads. America deserves better.

Pete Hoekstra is ready, willing and able to debate Stabenow. He stands by his record, and he has a platform to stand on. The people of Michigan deserve to hear both sides so they can make an informed vote on Election Day.

Standing Strong for America? Not Debbie Stabenow.

Debbie Stabenow has stood behind President Obama as he has conducted a worldwide apology tour since day one in office. Obama has treated our enemies as our friends while leaving our allies to languish.

All the while, Stabenow has been silent.

America must be an ardent supporter of our ally, Israel. We must send a clear message that a nuclear Iran will not be tolerated and that no option is off the table.

We must not allow our ambassadors and foreign servicemen and women to be unprotected in hostile lands. And we certainly must not apologize to those terrorists who would do us harm.

Pete Hoekstra believes in America, and he knows that we must stand for over values unapologetically. We must also stand with our friends, speak out against those who threaten us, and refuse to tolerate aggression against our allies.

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